Customer Segments

Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Urban residents in Durham enjoy fast and reliable Internet services and rural residents and businesses should not be left behind. Durham OneNet wants to empower ISPs to expand robust, future-proof services into our rural communities. By leveraging the Regional Broadband Network (RBN), ISPs can access these communities over an ultrafast, resilient network without having to worry about building their own backbone network.

Contact us about the communities you’re interested in serving and let’s explore how Durham OneNet can work with you.


Cellular carriers are expanding services throughout Durham Region. From supporting 5G to machine to machine (M2M) communications, Durham OneNet can appreciate the strain these demanding applications are causing on existing microwave backhaul links.

Contact us about migrating your backhaul links to a fibre network and drastically improving service quality for your customers.

Municipal, Universities, Schools, and Hospitals (MUSH) 

Public sector institutions provide crucial services to Durham’s residents and businesses. These Municipal, Universities, Schools and Hospitals (MUSH) facilities could benefit from increased bandwidth, lower latency and more resilient connectivity. 

Contact us about to discuss your connectivity needs and how we can help you achieve them. 

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